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JellyCar 3 1.2

ScreenShot of JellyCar 3 1.2 by Disney IT’S A WHOLE NEW JELLY WORLD! NEW UPDATE! The great reviews keep rolling in! "JellyCar 3 is easily the best one yet and is highly recommended" -TouchArcade "4/4 - Must Have: Whether or not you’ve played the other installments in the series, you'll find JellyCar 3 to be a total blast." -SlideToPlay “…easily the best JellyCar so far” -TheAppEra "...awesome physics and really addicting gameplay." -Appolicious "JellyCar 3 offers amazing value...a must buy for only $1 that will bounce right into your heart." -AppAdvice "Perfection...FIVE OUT OF FIVE!" -Nine Over Ten The hit driving platform puzzle game is all new! JellyCar 3 features all new levels, all new car customization, all new ghost racing, and so much more. ...
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ScreenShot of SafeCross by Chand Malu Companion application for Zebra crossign safely. Application can highlights the Stop sign on the phone at the zebra crossing or otherwise to indicate the warning to the other people/vehicle driver while crossing the road. Application is just a helper and do not use this in difficult traffic condition. No warranty given for safety. However if this apps helps prevents even minor accident effort is worth.
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XMB Xtreme Mountain Busing! 1.6

ScreenShot of XMB Xtreme Mountain Busing! 1.6 by Daniel Caldwell With 42 levels of game play (21 standard levels and 21 bonus levels) you will guide your bus through rocks, boulders, dangerous spikes, steep mountains, violent geysers, and adventure all the way. THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL BUS!!! Your bus is equipped with HYDRAULICS and EJECTOR SEATS! Use your hydraulics to keep your bus right-side-up. Avoid spikes, cliffs, precarious boulders and all kids of obstacles as you attempt to get the kids to school on time. NEW FEATURE!!! Take out Bullies with your stop sign to earn points and complete bonus levels! Do You Have What it Takes to be an XMB Bus Driver? What's new You now have the option to listen to your own music or the XMB background soundtrack! Grand Finale level has a bit longer time allowance minor bug fixes
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Bus Stop HD FREE 1.1.4

ScreenShot of Bus Stop HD FREE 1.1.4 by A-Apps ✭✭✭✭✭ "I am so so so so so ADDICTED to this game! can't stop playing it.. AWESOME! :)" - Jason Galaxy Tab ✭✭✭✭✭ "My two sons absolutely love this game. Their constantly having turns on my phone, its so funny" - Emily Samsung Galaxy S ✭✭✭✭✭ "Best Bus game on the market by far! This game is all i do in my spare time, so fun, and i love crashing! haha extreme awesomeness!, Thanks" - Hermie Gravity Smart ★ Bus Stop HD - Kill your Enemy Buses by smashing them into walls, be-warned extra bus drivers come and there angry! ★ 6 Different colored sprayed Speedy Buses ★ Fresh & beautiful HD designed racing graphics with a user friendly interface ★ Easy to use instant shift controls to keep your bus stable ★ Enemy Buses get Faster...
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WthrDial - A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App 2.0

ScreenShot of WthrDial - A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App 2.0 by David Elgena "…an interface worthy of Apple's sleek devices." - Uncrate "The most beautifully designed weather app we've seen." - Übergizmo "Beautifully simple" - Hypebeast "The weather App Dieter Rams would have designed." - Cult of Mac "It's innovative, it's useful, it's aesthetic…" - Fast Company _________________________ Stop wasting time staring at weather radars and atmospheric pressure readings, you're not an airline pilot...WthrDial lets you spend more time enjoying the weather...then watching it. *Built on Dieter Rams' 10 principles of design, WthrDial is a weather utility app that will complement your life, not complicate it. Features Include: - Current Local Weather - 7-Day & Hourly Forecast that reveals on tap - Fahrenheit...
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MonsterTakedown 1.0

ScreenShot of MonsterTakedown 1.0 by Gameshrub Prevent the monster from being taken down in this fast paced simple game! Stop waves of incoming helicopters and missiles from destroying the monster by tapping them. Be sure to swipe away deadly nukes from above! Choose from five different monsters to play with, whilst making use of two special abilities in-game to achieve that high score! Keep the monster alive for as many days as possible to compete for the longest survival time, and post your scores online with integrated Facebook and Twitter. We recommend playing this game with headphones and immersing yourself in the amazing soundtrack and addictive gameplay! Don't let the choppers get too close, and watch out for nukes! Art & Design by Gameshrub Programming by TicTac Media http://www.tictacmedia...
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Rising Sign

ScreenShot of Rising Sign by Leaping Light Most people know their "Star Sign", by which they mean the Sun sign - the zodiacal sign behind the Sun at the time of birth. Equally important is the sign that was rising above the horizon in the east - the ascendant, or Rising sign. The Sun represents the inner personality, while the rising sign represents the outer, which is what is most often seen by others. "Rising Sign" will calculate your rising sign based on your exact place and time of birth.
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WTHR - A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App 1.1

ScreenShot of WTHR - A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App 1.1 by David Elgena WTHR - A Simpler, More Beautiful Weather App* Stop wasting time staring at weather radars and atmospheric pressure readings, you're not an airline pilot...WTHR™ lets you spend more time enjoying the weather...then watching it. *Built on Dieter Rams' 10 principles of design, WTHR™ is a weather utility app that will complement your life, not complicate it. Features Include: - Current Local Weather - 7-Day Forecast - Fahrenheit & Celsius options - A Global Geo-location Weather API - Intuitive Weather Interface - A 'carpe diem' swag Special Design Credits & Thanks: - Adam Whitcroft for the immaculately crafted Climacons - Jony Ives for creating the canvas - Dieter Rams for being bold enough to, remove
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XLCamera - Universal 2.4

ScreenShot of XLCamera - Universal 2.4 by Maksim Tsanko ★ Adjust photos before you will take it! XLCamera helps take Pictures and record Videos in Extreme Conditions such as low light conditions or high light scenes with shadows. Independent Focus and Exposure control let you adjust this parameters separately on different parts of scene. New innovative Gestures let you take photos and control Focus and Exposure by one finger with easy. FEATURES: ★ HDR on Video Recording and Image Capture on all devices with Video Camera ★ Bright, Enlighten Pictures and Video on Low Light Conditions. ★ Separate Focus/Exposure control ★ Manual and Auto image enlightenment with HDR on/off ★ Saturation Control ★ Compare mode, lets you chose optimum configuration to achieve best results ★ Back and Front camera support ★ Geo tagging your photos...
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Clayframes Lite 2.7

ScreenShot of Clayframes Lite 2.7 by Mr Lightbox Now you can create smooth stop-motion animation and time-lapse in minutes, on the move - anywhere. Clayframes Lite is an easy to use utility for making stop-frame animation (or claymation) and time-lapse movies. Please try Clayframes Lite before buying the full version to make sure it will work on your device. Clayframes Lite is a free trial version limited to 2 clips of 50 frames. The full version (Clayframes) allows unlimited movies, high resolution images, has edit commands and a video exporter. Please email me at if you have any problems or questions and would like a response. Features: * Onion-skinning (transparent overlay) for smooth movement, * Trigger camera shutter remotely using hand clap or phones proximity sensor, * Timed shutter release option for time-lapse...
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